About Us

My name is György Babai. I live in county Baranya in Hungary with my family and our Bullies. My first encounter with this breed was a short but deep-going experience.
It was about 18 years ago when I first saw a beautiful white Bullterrier , full of power, confidence, elegance and, not least, of enorm ous affection towards people. This moment had an unbelievable impact on me.

Over the years, my desire for an own Bullterrier has not decreased a bit. After 18 years of waiting and after having a family and creating the financial background for it, the time had come to fulfill my childhood dream. We purchased our first dogs, the mini /Bony/ and standard /Dixie/ and so the story began

I would like the share with you the incredible feeling that the Bullies can give their owners, and in this I am lucky to have the strong and hearty support on my friends, family and, most of all, of my wife!



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